SITOP 24 VDC Power Supply Delivers Space Savings, Efficiency and Stability

Siemens Industry has announced the availability of the new SITOP PSU100M DIN rail power supply, delivering much-needed space savings on the DIN rail and additional features for enhanced efficiency and stability. The single-phase 24VDC power supply unit, which offers 20 Amp output current, is 40 percent narrower than previous models, saving valuable real estate in the power cabinet and has a significantly wider input range from 85 to 275 VAC, enabling connection to worldwide single-phase voltages without the need for switching.

“We are continuing to innovate to deliver value to customers,” says Kai Bronzel, Siemens spokeperson. “The wide input voltage range also allows the power supply to be used as a DC/DC converter with DC input voltages ranging from 88 to 350VDC.

“We have also made tremendous progress in terms of efficiency,” added Bronzel. “With a rated efficiency of 93 percent you can count on experiencing a minimum loss of energy, so less waste heat accumulates in the control cabinet.  As a result, you realize a whole raft of ancillary benefits, including more efficient power utilization, cost reductions, and no more worrying about dealing with the additional heat in the cabinet.”

Additional features of the SITOP PSU100M unit include an integral isolated signal contact that enables the user to monitor operating status. For loads with a high inrush current, the “Extra Power” function is able to supply 150% of the rated output current for five seconds and a power boost of 300% of the rated output current for up to 25 milliseconds. To enable its use in tough environments, the unit has a rugged metal housing and a wide operating temperature range from -10 to 60 degrees Celsius. Short-circuit behaviour is adjustable, offering the choice between User Directed Restart or constant current with an automatic restart of the output voltage.

Additional SITOP power security components are available for increased protection against primary and secondary faults. For example: redundancy modules, uninterruptible DC power supply modules, electronic diagnostic module for protection of 24VDC load circuits.

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