New Modules Connect Optical and Electrical PROFIBUS Networks

Siemens Industry has released two new optical link modules specifically designed for PROFIBUS networks.

The new modules, the OLM P22 which is designed for use with plastic fiber optic cables (FOC) and the OLM G22 which is compatible with glass FOCs, make it possible for users to employ more redundant and reliable network topologies, such as rings and stars, that ensure higher network availability, says Paul Ruland, Siemens marketing manager. “They also offer enhanced diagnostics options. For example you can nail down the location of a fault very quickly by examining the state of the signal being transmitted over the FOC line. The new modules also provide several ways for users to closely monitor line quality. You can use LEDs, or if you are more analog you can use a voltmeter and measurement terminal, or you can read it to the PLC via an analog module.”

Both new modules offer two optical PROFIBUS interfaces using bayonet fiber optic connector (BFOC) technology and two sub-D electrical interfaces. This enables two separate electronic PROFIBUS segments to be integrated into one optical network structure, such as a redundant ring. Both units offer monitoring of the optical signal quality through a signaling contact and offer a maximum transmission speed of 12 Megabaud/second at a maximum transmission length of 3 kilometers. Additionally, OLM components provide users with more design flexibility and allow for hybrid networks to be constructed, consisting of electrical and optical PROFIBUS segments.

“These new devices are primarily geared to applications such as large span networks, like street tunnels and traffic control systems where physical distance is a factor in network performance, or networks with a mix of optical and electrical segments,” says Ruland. “As such, they further the Siemens vision of deep integration of industrial functions and processes leading to a higher degree of plant intelligence and control over your operation.”

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