TIA Portal V11 Service Pack 1

The TIA Portal is the integrated engineering framework from Siemens. It integrates the PLC and HMI engineering tools of STEP 7 and WinCC into one easy-to-use environment. As of August 11, 2011, there is a new service pack 1 available for both STEP 7 V11 and WinCC V11. This service pack 1 brings important functional and usability features to both of these products.

For STEP 7 V11 SP1, the most important highlights are as follows:

Optimized project conversion from V10.5 to V11

This is important for users who are converting their current V10.5 projects to the V11 version, as it fixes many of the conversion issues that these customers were experiencing with the V11.0 version.

Support of WinAC and WinAC MP

With the support of these products in SP1, PC-based controller automation is now possible within the TIA Portal. This means that our Simatic Box PCs and Embedded controllers can now be added to project within the TIA Portal. A specific highlight here is the new Nano box PC, with its award-winning design.

 S7-1200 PLC – Modbus TCP

With the support of the Modbus TCP protocol, the S7-1200 PLC can now communicate to far more third-party devices over Ethernet that do not support the Profinet or Profibus protocols. In addition, this protocol can work over the built-in Ethernet port on the S7-1200 CPUs, so no additional hardware is necessary.

S7-1200 PLC – Command Table for basic motion control profiles

This new feature utilizes the pulse train output of the S7-1200 PLC. It allows the user to create individual motions for a motor control axis and then combine them into a movement sequence. This greatly increases the usability of configuring and combining motion commands in the S7-1200 PLC.

For WinCC V11 SP1, the most important highlights are as follows:

WinCC DataMonitor option for Runtime Professional

This feature allows for the display and analysis of current process states and historical data on office PCs. It allows WinCC process data to be made available to all levels of a company via the Web.

WinCC Control Development option for the development of customized controls for Runtime Advanced and Runtime Professional

This allows users to add their own controls in a PC-based platform.

New functions for Runtime Professional

  • OPC UA Server
  • UserView Control
  • Runtime API

New functions for Runtime Advanced

  • OPC UA Client

New functions for Panels

  • Profinet IO direct keys in conjunction with S7-1200 (Comfort Panels, Mobile Panels, TP 177B, OP 177B, TP 277, OP 277, MP 177, MP 277, MP 377)
  • OPC UA Client for Comfort Panels
  • WinAC MP option package for MP 177, MP 277 and MP 377
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