Communications Modules Add Many Security Features

Security_Picture_1Communications processors from the Siemens Industry Automation Division have integrated security functions, including a firewall and a virtual private network function (VPN).

The VPN capabilities of the Simatic NET CP 343-1 Advanced and Simatic NET CP 443-1 Advanced communications processors provide secure access to the Simatic S7-300 and S7-400 controller series. It is also possible to define more detailed security settings and access rights via the integrated firewall. Through this function, the communications processors secure access across the entire plant network. The integrated switch also supports secure connection of the lower-level controllers and HMI and I/O devices.

Industrial PCs can also be equipped with a firewall and VPN client by means of the Simatic NET CP 1628 module. The security module Scalance S623 is also new; with an additional DMZ port for service access, as is the UMTS router Scalance M875 for secure access to plant units via a 3G cellular network using UMTS.

The Security Integrated offerings include the new Simatic NET CP 1628 module for industrial PCs. It lets industrial PCs connect to the network securely via a VPN and firewall. Computers equipped with the module can be connected to protected cells. It is also possible to access an industrial PC with an integral CP 1628 using the Softnet Security Client application over the Internet or an internal network via remote access.

The security module Scalance S623 and the UMTS router Scalance M875 have also been added to the Industry Automation Division portfolio. With the Scalance S623, the thoroughly revised range of Scalance S modules is supplemented by a variant with a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) port. It opens up a separate access point to the network for service access that can be restricted if required. A DSL modem can be connected to the DMZ port for service work via remote access.

The Scalance M875 UMTS router now has integrated security functions. The router is ideal for secure communication to and from distributed automation cells via VPN, such as the supply stations of a water utility company or mobile plants that have to be centrally monitored or controlled remotely.

To meet growing security requirements, Siemens follows the cell protection security concept. The Scalance M and Scalance S modules, along with the security communication processors, provide– numerous components for building up protected cells. Cell protection reduces the susceptibility to failure of the entire production plant and increases its availability.

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