Introducing the CM 1542-5 for Connections to Legacy PROFIBUS Networks and Devices

CM1542-5_smallThe new CM 1542-5 PROFIBUS DP Master/Slave communications module expands the SIMATIC S7-1500 controller with a PROFIBUS connection for communication with lower-level PROFIBUS devices in bandwidths of 9.6 Kbit/s to 12 Mbit/s. The module also enables the implementation of separate PROFIBUS lines (e.g., the control of multiple field devices via several PROFIBUS segments). The CM 1542-5 will perform all communication tasks in this case and offload the CPU.

Basic Data Information

In addition to the typical PROFIBUS communication, the CM 1542-5 is also suitable for S7-communication. In this way, a communication path can be established between the S7-1500 controller and other devices (e.g., SIMATIC S7-300/400 controllers). As DP master the CM 1542-5 supports the analysis of the PROFIBUS bus topology in a DP master system by means of diagnostic repeater (DP slave). Features include:

  • PROFIBUS DP master and DP slave with electrical interface for the connection of SIMATIC S7-1500 to PROFIBUS
    • PROFIBUS DP master
    • PROFIBUS DP slave (not in parallel with DP master)
  • Communication services:
    • PG/OP Communication
    • S7-Communication
  • Clock synchronization via PROFIBUS
  • Easy programming and configuration via PROFIBUS
  • Cross-network PG communication by means of S7-Routing
  • Module replacement without a PG/PC
  • Data record routing (PROFIBUS DP)

The STEP 7 Professional TIA-Portal V12 is required for configuration of the CM 1542-5. For further information, please click here.

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