Siemens Introduces ET 200SP Counter Module, TM Count 1x24V

Schnelle Technologiemodule für dezentrale Peripherie / Fast technology modules for distributed I/OsThe ET 200SP TM Count 1x24V technology module is new for the Simatic ET 200SP. The counter module is ideally suited for a wide range of counting and measuring tasks, as well as for position recording with an incremental transmitter. It is able to count with a frequency of up to 200 kHz and has very fast response times, thanks to onboard digital inputs and outputs. Its speed-measuring functions make it particularly suited for universal use, such as in the packaging, food, and paper industries. New wireless components for the Simatic ET 200SP are also available now.

Product Overview

The TM Count 1x24V counter module features a counter channel for 24V input signals up to 200 kHz. Attributes include:

–  Counting with different signal forms of the counting signal

  • One count signal, e.g. to count products or amounts of fluid or energy
  • Two separate count signals up and down, e.g., to acquire the content of a container with inflow and outflow
  • Count signal with an additional directional signal
  • Two pulse strings offset by 90°, optionally with zero mark for position input with incremental encoders

–  Measuring functions for

  • Frequency
  • Period length
  • Speed in a settable unit

–  Three digital inputs

  • For fast control of the counting process by means of HW gate
  • For saving the count value
  • To set the count value as a result of an event

–  Two digital outputs for fast response, depending on

  • The count value
  • The measured value

–  Integrated 24V voltage supply for the encoder position capturing for Motion Control in the S7-1500 (Step 7 V13 and higher)

–  The function and the control interface are compatible with the S7-1500 TM Count 2x24V counter module and enable easy switching between the S7-1500/ET200 MP and ET 200SP I/O families.


The two modules enable the implementation of a large range of applications, including:

  • Position detection
  • Speed detection
  • Capturing of product lengths
  • Batching
  • Application of adhesive beads
  • Measuring of work pieces

For system integration, The TM Count 1x24V technology module can be employed in the ET 200SP I/O system without any restrictions. It benefits from all the advantages of this system.

For further information on the ET 200SP Counter Module, TM Count 1x24V, please click here.

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