Compact, Rugged Modules Mount Anywhere

snlnovprodET 200AL_CState-of-the-art automation of assembly lines call for extremely flexible, rugged and space-saving distributed control electronics. At the same time, requirements on the efficiency of automation components are increasing, particularly in engineering and in assembly.

The SIMATIC ET 200AL provides a high IP65/67 degree of protection along with compact design, low space requirements and light weight. The compact modules are specially designed for applications in tight spaces and involving motion.

With up to 32 modules per station, SIMATIC ET 200AL has a high IO capacity. The modules can be incorporated in the automation network via PROFINET, PROFIBUS or the integration of the ET 200SP. additionally, inclusion in the TIA Portal software platform maximizes engineering efficiency by enabling consistent system diagnostics and efficient operation.

SIMATIC ET 200AL modules can be easily installed in any position, vertical or horizontal, screwed on from the front or from the side. With a width of only 30 or 45 mm, they can be installed directly in a machine or assembly line, then sensors and actuators can be integrated using M8 connection technology. Color coding of the sockets and the corresponding connecting cables simplifies wiring.

In addition, socket arrangement has been optimized to facilitate cable laying. The cable ties can be secured directly on the module to support cables. The modules can be optionally connected to PROFINET or PROFIBUS or integrated in SIMATIC ET 200SP.

The modules comply with the IP65/67 protection class and operate reliably within a temperature range of –25 °C to +55 °C and with accelerations of up to 5 g. Plastic enclosures make the modules particularly lightweight.

The outputs of the ET 200AL devices allow safety-related shutdown of actuators in groups. In addition, with the PROFIenergy functionality, individual consumers or entire production units can be shut down in a coordinated manner during production-free periods.

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