LOGO! Provides Multiple Enhancements, Minimal Price

CROPPED Logo! 8 - Titel 02 weiss_sRGBThe new LOGO! 8 and LOGO! Soft Comfort V8 offer more digital and analog outputs along with larger color displays, an integrated Web server and increased storage space. Even with these and more enhancements, the modules cost only around 5% more than previous generation units.

The latest LOGO! versions, which all include Ethernet communications, have added four digital outputs and eight analog outputs. The modules now have 24 digital inputs and 20 digital outputs as well as eight analog inputs and outputs.

The addition of a Web server that simplifies monitoring, letting operators use conventional browsers. A standard Micro-SD care lets users store as many as 20,000 data sets. That’s 10 times more than earlier versions. Additionally, the color display has been enhanced to display twice as much text as previous units.

Despite all the upgrades, these units are 30% less expensive than OBA7 base units and only cost around 5% more than LOGO! OBA6 systems. Integration will be straightforward, since the units are compatible with earlier generations.

Programs written for OBA8 can even be saved as older versions and used in older version LOGO!. Older programs can be easily moved into a LOGO! 8. LOGO! 8 also has the same 72mm width and same connecting points as LOGO OBA6.

For more information on the LOGO! 8 and LOGO! 8 Soft Comfort V8, please click here.

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