Network Switches Offer Broad Connectivity

snlMayXM-400Compact modules handle up to 24 ports plus 8 optical links

Two additions to Siemens’ SCALANCE XM-400 product line broaden accessibility, providing full Gigabit capabilities and up to 24 ports. The industrial managed switch line comes in space-saving modular packages with hot swap functionality to simplify expansion.

The XM-408-8C includes 8 x 10/100/1000 Mbit/s RJ45 ports and 8 combo ports which allow for the use of either RJ45 copper connections or optical plug-in transceivers. The XM-416-4C includes 16 x 10/100/1000 Mbit/s RJ45 ports and 4 combo ports for RJ45 or optical plug-in transceivers.

The line greatly simplifies configuration. The family is among the first industrial Ethernet switches to simplify setup by using the NFC technology built into many smart phones and tablets. Users can simply walk up to a networked XM-400 switch with a smartphone or tablet, tap to activate NFC connections and immediately find the IP address for the login screen of the web-based management service using the portable device’s Wi-Fi connection. The smartphone or tablet must be authorized on the same network as the XM400 for access to the login screen of the device.

Users have the option of selecting a unit with Layer 3 functionality built-in. Alternatively, a base unit which is Layer 2 and requires an additional KEY-PLUG accessory to activate Layer 3 functionality, which supports static routing, dynamic routing and configuration storage. This flexibility allows users to specify one hardware platform, and adjust functionality based on the application needs.

The switches support the C-PLUG memory module which makes it possible to replace devices without a programming device or software. The configuration or application data is saved on the C-PLUG and can be loaded onto another SCALANCE XM-400 switch without special product or application knowledge.

All members of the SCALANCE XM-400 line allow high network availability. For example, they can be configured for ring redundancy. They also support the option for redundant power supplies, increasing network availability in the case of a failed power supply.

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