Precision at High Speeds

awsnlet200With the new time-based I/O modules for the Simatic ET200MP and ET200SP distributed I/O system, production sequences can be flexibly implemented regardless of the controller’s or fieldbus’s performance. The new modules provide input and output signals with detailed time information. For example, the reaction to an event occurring at the Digital Input (DI) can be a specific delay time for the reaction of the output signal independently of the cycle times of the controller or the application cycle. Time-based I/O modules also increase the plant’s productivity by taking over additional performance tasks from the CPU and by providing exact repeatability and high precision in production, even with fast paced events and applications.

Applications can be easily and flexibly implemented in TIA Portal. This is true for cam controls and sensing probes, as well as for other applications such as sorting products or unloading defective parts. The volumes are scalable and can thus be adapted to the respective machine size.

New Features:

  • ET200SP TM Timer DIDQ 10 x 24 Volts with 4 inputs and 6 outputs for time stamps and precise signaling
  • ET200MP TM Timer DIDQ 16 x 24 Volts with 1 µs resolution with up to 8 inputs and 16 outputs
  • Configuration in TIA Portal
  • Scalable volumes

The resulting customer benefits include:

  • Improved productivity and accuracy
  • The CPU is unloaded of additional performance requirements
  • Independence of the cycle time of fieldbus and I/Os
  • One technology for several applications instead of different FMs for special functions
  • Scalable quantity framework for adaptation to the machine size
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