Virtual Machine Runs Linux on RX1400 Router

SNLSiemMarchVPE1400The Ruggedcom VPE1400 (Virtual Processing Engine) is a virtual machine environment that lets users run their own Linux operating system and applications on a Siemens Ruggedcom RX1400 router. The virtual machine can be used in numerous industries, especially those requiring reliable communications in harsh environments, such as electric power, transportation, defense systems, and oil and gas.

Applications running in the VPE1400 environment are safely partitioned from the Ruggedcom ROX II operating system, yet they still have full access to the RX1400’s network, LTE and serial interfaces. The VPE1400 can be used in combination with the new Ruggedcom ACE (Application Connectivity Engine), which provides a multi-protocol communication platform. This gives applications access to a wide variety of IED and RTU devices as well as SCADA hosts from various manufacturers.

Digital or analog data gathered from sensors or or network traffic monitoring operations for example, can be pre-processed in the VPE1400 before being transmitted by the RX1400 to a data center. This can help to reduce the volume of transmitted data as well as increase the stability, efficiency and performance of the network.

This virtual machine ecosystem utilizes distributed structures, computing power, and network services, extending Siemens portfolio of Ruggedcom application solutions and letting users create smarter networks. This allows the enormous volumes of data generated by a growing number of devices to be pre-processed at the network edge – a key requirement for digitalization of industry and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

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