Reduce Wiring Time and Effort to Standard Sensors and Actuators—and Eliminate Sources of Errors—With SIRIUS ACT I/O Link

sirius-act-com-as-i-blau-01Besides the standard wiring, you can also connect push buttons, indicator lights, and switches directly to the controller via AS-Interface or with IO-Link. With our new SIRIUS ACT PROFINET technology, you can now directly interface to PROFINET and bring all the features of Ethernet down to the field level.

IO-Link is the smart concept for standardized linking of switching devices and sensors to the control level by means of an economical point-to-point connection. The communication standard was developed by the IO-Link Consortium, a group of leading providers of automation products that have come together to support the new concept in all areas of control, sensor, and actuator technology.

As an open interface, IO-Link can be integrated with all common fieldbus and automation systems. Thanks to data access right down to the lowest field level, plant availability is increased and the engineering overhead is reduced. Consistent interoperability ensures maximum protection of investment. This also applies in the context of existing machine concepts for continued use of sensors without an IO-Link interface.

IO-Link is universal, smart, and easy:
– Open standard
– Fieldbus independent; can be integrated into all fieldbus systems worldwide
– Standard connectors (e.g., M12, M8, or M5)
– Fast and reliable diagnostics
– Reduced wiring effort
– Fast communication with three transmission rates (4.8 kbaud, 38.4 kbaud, and 230.4 kbaud)
– Easiest wiring with an unscreened three-wire cable
– Automated, decentralized parameter setting in shortest time
– Efficient engineering

For more information on how IO-Link can work for you, please contact the Siemens Customer Support Center.

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