SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controller V2.0

With SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controller V2.0, the S7-1500 Software Controller CPU 1507S (F) is available as a standard and fail-safe version.

Highlights of version V2.0

  • CPU 1507S F for demanding automation tasks with requirements for a fail-safe controller.
    • Execution of fail-safe and standard programs on one controller
    • Supported SIMATIC IPC platforms IPC4x7D and IPC2x7E
  • Complete support of SIMATIC IPC227E and IPC277E with CPU 1507S and CPU 1507S F
  • Target 1500STM for Simulink®: Execution of application functions created with Mathworks Simulink®
  • ODK 1500S V2.0: Use of the new functions of the ODK 1500S such as large amounts of data for input/output parameters, use of structures for input/output parameters and much more.
  • Trace Viewer with the CPU Web server
  • HTTPS protocol supports access to Web server under Windows
  • RUN/STOP commands for script-controlled operation of the Software Controller
  • Improved response with Windows reboot (display of the Windows status in the user program)
  • Support of SIMATIC IPC with SSD + HW-RAID1
  • Integrated OPC UA server, accessible via PROFINET interface of the controller


The S7-1500 Software Controller CPU 1507S implements the function of an S7-1500 controller as software on a SIMATIC IPC with Windows. The CPU 1507S is optimized for PC-based control tasks with the IPC427D Microbox PC and the IPC477D Panel PC. In addition, the CPU 1507S supports the Box PCs IPC227E, IPC627D and IPC827D, the Panel PCs IPC277E and IPC677D as well as the Rack PCs IPC647D and IPC847D.

The S7-1500 software controller CPU 1507S enables the execution of functions created with the advanced C/C++ language. These functions can be created with SIMATIC ODK 1500S or the Target 1500S™ for Simulink®. The applications can be developed for execution under Windows as well as in the real-time environment of the CPU 1507S.


The S7-1500 software controller CPU 1507S implements the function of an S7-1500 CPU as software on a PC with Windows. This enables a PC to be used for controlling machines or plants. The fail-safe CPU 1507S F software controller also allows you to run fail-safe programs for applications that require fail-safety.


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