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Siemens defines the core resources for Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) under the headings of Engineering, Communication, Diagnostics, Safety, Security, and Ruggedness. Within these core resources key product categories include software, tuning utilities, controllers, HMI, PLC’s, PC-Based controllers, networks, fieldbuses, drives, motors, feedback devices, I/O, and process control.

TIA provides uniform automation technology on a single platform for all industries over the entire manufacturing facility and enables optimal plant utilization through manufacturing execution systems and business applications.

TIA not only handles standard (primary) process control tasks, but it can also automate secondary processes (e.g., filling, packaging) or input/output logistics (e.g., raw material distribution, storage) for production location.

By linking the automation level to the IT world, process data becomes available throughout the company for evaluation, planning, coordination and optimization of operations, production processes, and commercial processes. Also taken into account are the geographical requirements of distributed production facilities, as is the case with global companies.

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