SIRIUS 3SK1: Safety Relays, Simplified

Got a simple system that you need to keep safe to SIL 3 and PL e levels? Look no further than the SIRIUS 3SK1 family of safety relays from Siemens  Designed for flexibility and ease of integration, the platform is targeted at simple safety-critical operations such as emergency stops, two-hand operator panels, light curtains up to protective door monitoring. The modular design platform consists of a set of stock components that can be combined to deliver custom performance at a commercial-off-the-shelf price. The result is a system that provides high levels of functionality and flexibility in an inventory-sparing design.

The line is based on two relays: the standard basic unit and the advanced basic unit. Each standard basic unit interfaces with a single component, whether by accepting input from a sensor or delivering output to an actuator. Users set device parameters with DIP switches, eliminating the need for programming. Both housing and connectors are designed to simplify wiring, making integration and replacement both fast and easy.

The advanced basic unit offers a more sophisticated set of options, letting users configure additional parameters to suit their application. It also boasts additional input and output capabilities. For larger systems or retrofits, start with just one Advanced Basic Unit and add input and output expansion modules to size to suit. The expansion modules don’t even need to be wired, courtesy of an innovative device connector that passes power from the Advance Basic Unit to connect in a snap – literally.

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